What’s Your Problem?

Written by Bear on February 22nd 2014


The problem is not that you slept in- it’s that you didn’t set the alarm.

The problem isn’t that you had the donut with your morning skim capp.- it’s that you didn’t make time for breakfast.

The problem isn’t that you didn’t have time to get your workout in- it’s that you didn’t squeeze in a shorter one.

The problem isn’t that there aren’t enough hours in the day- it’s that you don’t know what you want from them.

When we label something as a problem, it’s debilitating. Often we become paralysed- unable to act.

Life is always going to present us with problems- things that hold us back, make us tired, lazy, unmotivated, fat. This is comforting- it means that we don’t need to accept responsibility! It’s not our fault- life is hard, and some people just have all the luck.

Fortunately, there is one positive thing about problems- they also provide us with an opportunity. They give us a choice- we can either blame our misfortune on circumstances out of our control.

Or we can quit complaining, take action, and take responsibility for ourselves. Create our own “luck”.

You will find the latter quite empowering.

Think of something that’s holding you back, and change the way you look at it:

“I find running so boring! It hurts my knees and I just can’t get myself to do it”

or you could say:

“I don’t enjoy running, so now I can use that time to go to the gym/swim/cycle”

See the difference?

Give it a try!

I hope you found this useful, and I’m glad to have helped. Really, it was no problem!

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