Reaching the Boiling Point with your Health and Fitness

Written by Bear on April 30th 2014


When was the last time you stood by the kettle waiting for it to boil?

Nothing happens.

It’s pretty frustrating. You stand there waiting, and waiting…

I wish this thing would hurry up. Why is this taking so long? This kettle is way too slow, maybe I need to buy a better one? I don’t have time for this. Geez those biscuits look good..

Ok, that last one was just me :P

When you walk away from the kettle and distract yourself though, it seems to boil almost instantly. You realise that there are more important things to worry about. You can walk away from the kettle, go do a few things- and then come back and the kettle will have done the job.

Developing an exercise and diet plan can often feel the same way. You know that by simply exercising and eating right that it will take care of itself. You can get on with the important things you need to do during the day.

However, if you focus on your exercise and food- it’s much like watching the kettle boil. It becomes frustrating. You stare at it, and nothing happens. You start to question whether or not it’s even doing anything. You start looking for new ways to exercise, or the latest diet fad to finally get the results you want. You start trying new things, even if what you are doing is getting you results anyway. You don’t give anything a chance to actually work.

Six months pass, and you’re still standing by the kettle waiting for it to boil.

What’s worse- the time spent staring at the kettle means there a lot of other things in your life that have fallen behind also.

Not only do you run late for that appointment- you also find yourself drinking cold coffee as well.

A healthy lifestyle is important and requires some thought, but the more you think about it the more chances you have to screw it up. The best thing you can do is decide what you want, set a plan, then get out there and put it to action. Don’t think about it, just do it!

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Reaching the Boiling Point with your Health and Fitness

Written by Bear on April 30th 2014

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