Lose weight without ever dieting again!

Written by Bear on March 10th 2014


I despise the word diet. It should be in the same category as the “f” word, and the “c” word.

I meant cardio. What were you thinking?

When a person starts a diet, right away they’re setting themselves up for failure. The mindset implies that it’s a temporary solution.

A quick fix- twelve week challenge, seven day detox, ab’s in six minutes. You get the idea. 

All of these solutions appeal to us because they’re easy. They require little effort, and satisfy our conscious mind that wants everything yesterday.

The problem is this:

Anything that is worth having requires some form of sacrifice- and a temporary pain. It has to feel uncomfortable and it has to elicit an awareness of the need for change.

So the idea of a diet is like putting a bandaid over a migraine. It might cover up the issue, but it wont cure it.

What you were doing before wasn’t working, so by rushing through a diet to get back to what you were doing before:

What do you think is going to happen?

What we need to do is develop a lifestyle. The answer is not radical changes or deprivation. This is merely a focus on negativity- we tell ourselves that we’re going to suffer.

It’s going to suck!

So how do we do this? Here’s a few ideas:

Accept where you’re at:

Desperation to reach the finish line can sabotage even the greatest efforts. Accept yourself as you are right now, recognise the need for change, and then focus on making gradual improvements every day. You’re already great how you are, you’re just trying to be awesome!

Baby steps:

Make one small change that you can start right now! It might be not snacking after dinner, or having a tall glass of water when you first wake up. We humans hate change! Try and change everything overnight- and you will freak out! But have you ever noticed that when you just focus on exercising you automatically eat better? (and the same in reverse).  Momentum is a powerful force.

Be realistic:

Adopt good habits around your lifestyle- not the other way around. If there is something you can’t stand seeing on your plate, don’t eat it. Even if you did read in a magazine that it’s a superfood- there are always alternatives.

Variety VaRieTy VARIETY!

Most people when they tell you about their diet sound exactly the same. “For breakfast I have X, lunch is Y, dinner is Z.” They’re eating the same things every day. It’s boring, lacking in vitamins, and causes cravings. You virtually become a slave to your diet. Mix it up!

Never say never

By putting a food in the “I can’t have” basket, you’re putting it on a pedastool. What happens when you’re told you can’t have something? You want it more. Your body is smarter than you- it always get what it wants.

Bear in mind:

If you opened this post hoping to read you can eat like crap and still lose weight, I apologise. A lot of diets at the moment are being promoted with fancy tricks, cheeky meal timing, and superfoods because in reality- eat healthy and exercise just doesn’t sell. There’s no way around it, no magic pill. It doesn’t need to be hard though- just requires a little discipline and common sense.

I’d love to hear what you think! What are some habits you’ve made work for you? Comment below!

And remember- that one small change you can make right NOW, could change your life forever.


  1. says:

    Love that! You’re a natural :) can we subscribe to these blogs? :D

  2. says:

    Bear thanks for your blog above.

    I think the best thing is consistency and the baby steps in moving forward. Im not one for diets either…ive seen too many people do them and set themselves up for failure….instead of a diet we all need a lifestyle change…. Ive found changing little things like you mentioned is working…swapping the daily coffees for green tea, changing the juice or softdrink for water…you already feel less bloated and sluggish. Just serving yourself abit less at dinner or using smaller plate sizes so you still feel like youve finished everything on your plate.

    If you feel like a piece of chocolate – have it – and dont feel guilty about it…if you restrict yourself from eating everything you really enjoy sooner or later ur going to binge and eat everything in sight.

    Moderation in everything is the key. One cheat meal wont make you fat just like one healthy meal won’t make you skinny. Daily walks and changing up what exercise you do each week so you dont get bored is another thing.

    Great website and loving your blogs…keep them coming ;)

    • says:

      Thanks for the feedback Mel! You’re spot on! Seems like you have a very balanced approach to your health which will set you up for long term success :)

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