How To Get Better At Things You Suck At!

Written by Bear on February 22nd 2014


i suck at righting i know write pretty
hard to believe i know what i wanna say
just dunno how to say it

Well OK! Maybe I’m not THAT bad! I can string a few sentences together, throw in the occasional four syllable word and I love my exclamation marks!!! But writing is difficult- it doesn’t come easy to me. It took me a little over two days just to come up with this.

In fact, if it wasn’t for my web design guys excessive nagging, I probably still wouldn’t have done it. Thanks boys!

When we have to do something we’re not good at, it’s pretty hard to get started. We find ourselves stressed and frustrated.

This makes it even harder!

We start to convince ourselves that it’s just not our thing- we’ve never been good at it!

This limiting belief gives us permission to give up- throw in the towel, and keep on sucking!

We as humans hate change! It’s uncomfortable- doing the same thing whether it’s good for us or not is safer than the unknown, trying something new!

Here are five things I’ve found useful to suck less:

1. Own your suckery:
Admit it! You suck! But that’s OK! By accepting that you aren’t good at something you take away a lot of the pressure and free yourself of the outcome. This itself is usually enough to allow you to start taking action!

2. Find people who are good at it:
Read books, Google, YouTube, go to workshops, hire a coach. Knowledge is power, and by actually seeing that something you believe is out of your reach is actually possible- it’s empowering! Just remember the person you’re watching at one time sucked at it too!

3. Take action:
You can’t watch from the sidelines forever. This is your time to shine!

4. Weed out the clutter:
There’s so much information out there, and not all of it will be correct. On top of that you will come across so many conflicting opinions as people fight it out to prove their might! Some things will work for you, others wont. Find what is useful- scrap the rest.

5. Don’t stop once you’re good at it:
No matter how good you get, there will always be room to improve, to learn and to grow.

The key is to embrace the uncertainty, and challenge the beliefs and fear that is holding you back- that’s how we move forward! That is how YOU win! 

Life is a continuous journey- there is no end of the road. Figure out what you want, work at it, own it, then start all over again and challenge yourself some more!

You should be finding something new to suck at- every single day!

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    Great post! I’ll keep on your toes re; blog posts and you keep on my toes re; my daily chocolate intake.

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