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Getting the most from your will power.

Written by Bear on March 18th 2014


Every time we hop on Facebook, flick through a magazine- we are bombarded with messages telling us that our success is tied to the amount of willpower we possess and that the key is to build as much of it as we can.

Will-Power lady

I do agree. We do require some level of willpower in our lives.

We need discipline.

The problem is that willpower is a limited resource. Think of it like your bank account. You go to work, make money. You put it in the bank and it slowly builds up. Then you start spending- and if you’re not careful you spend too much. All of a sudden you’re out of cash.

We spend a lot of cash (i.e. willpower) in our daily life. You wake up and resist the pancakes. Driving to work we resist the urge to abuse the car that just cut us off. We smile and nod, biting our tongue with our demanding boss.

By the time we get home, those sweet treats we were able to say no to in the morning are suddenly much more tempting. We’ve blown our cash.

We give in- we eat that biscuit, well half the packet. Then guilt sets in. We’ve blown it, so we succumb and commit to getting back into it tomorrow. The damage has been done.

Bear in mind-
Willpower is important- but rather than focusing on building it and testing how much we can muster, our goal should be to create an environment that allows us to save it up for when we need it the most.

How can we do this?

1. Adopt good habits. Rather than looking for a quick fix, focus on building sustainable habits into your life that make things easy to keep up for the long term. You will find good habits tends to build upon themselves.
2. Don’t keep things that tempt or test us in our environment: You can’t eat those biscuits if they’re not in the house.
3. Do something you look forward to every day: Make time for yourself. NO ONE is THAT busy that they can’t.
4. Relax! Don’t focus on perfection. Accept that there will be times when you will fall down. The key is to see how quickly you can get back on your feet!

Keep these tips in mind. What are some of the ways you keep yourself on track? Comments and feedback are always welcome.

Have a great day :D

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